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The photographic process is a journey that lasts a lifetime for Sandy, and that never ending road of discovery has taken her through many facets of artistic expression - some meaningful and life changing, and others that have taught her many things about the world: good and bad, happy and sad, progressive and regressive, ordinary and profound. Sandy uses this art form as a way of exploring the world, fashioning compelling stories of nature and humanity. Her street images strive to capture on a two-dimensional plane the daily stories of people from diverse backgrounds and origins as they go about their ordinary (and yet always extraordinary) lives. Each of Sandy's impressions is as precious and filled with meaning as the next. While poignant moments are sought (whether they be of people, landscapes, magical juxtapositions, or abstractions of light), it is not enough to merely capture a good subject. Sandy's humility and relentless perfectionism have yielded artistic products that combine the emotional power of time, place, and story with consummate attention to craft. Through quality of light, harmony and simplicity of composition, careful post-production, and the controlled printing of final images, Sandy stands as a fresh and vital photographic force.

Whether you wish to purchase her fine art images, or are simply an admirer of her work, Sandy is constantly striving to offer photographs that instill a deep emotional impact. If these images move you, or if you have any comments, Sandy would be delighted to hear from you. Thank you for visiting and best wishes for a meaningful life journey.


There is something eternally gratifying about owning a piece of contemporary photographic art. A photograph is a visual oasis, a tangible connection to the ethereal, and a reminder of the delicate, vulnerable expression of human emotion. Photography shows us how precious our seeing is, how rich the world around us truly is. Owning a photographic work is an investment honoring one's appreciation for aesthetic beauty, and opening oneself up daily to the mysteries and subtleties of the visual landscape.

Two media options are available for artwork purchase. Paper prints are produced under strict quality standards using museum-quality fine art paper and archival inks with lightfastness ratings over 100 years. It is recommended the acquirer choose non-glare museum quality glass when framing their fine art paper piece. For design applications where very large images are desired, gallery-wrapped canvases are available. Every canvas is sprayed with a UV coating to prevent fading and cracking, and meticulously stretched by a professional production team.

Master prints are limited to editions of fifty with number one reserved as an artist print, and numbers two through nine reserved for family, friends, or use in exhibitions. Numbers ten through fifty are available for public sale and come with a certificate of authenticity.

Prices are determined by the particular piece, size of the artwork, and media selection. Email or call 972-333-5627 for more information.


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