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Through the lens of internationally-known and award-winning photographer Sandy Foster, a yoga portrait is more than just a picture. It is a living, breathing extension of the pose itself, a tribute to the subject's indomitable inner spirit and radiant beauty. Sandy, herself a dedicated yogi and 500-hour certified yoga instructor, has an intuitive knack for choosing lighting and settings that complement her subject's personality, creating a portrait that is as personal as it is artistically astute. A master of light, composition, texture and mood, Sandy transforms every asana into a magical symbol of longevity and joy. Her groundedness in the present moment makes for meticulous attention to detail coupled with a deep connection to the natural world. This rare sensibility shines through every image, whether shot on the beach or on the streets of a thriving metropolis. Innovation, playfulness and poignant humanity are the hallmarks of all her artwork. Connect with Sandy on Facebook and sign up to the newsletter using the links above.
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